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The positive impact of Marguerite’s Place

Marguerite’s Place is a Beautiful Place! Click this short video and view some testimonials.


Roze’s Story

My name is Roze. I am 31 years old and have two amazing sons. I would like to share a little bit of my experience since I came to Marguerite’s Place Inc in September 2011.

I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and diabetes. These serious medical conditions have really hurt my health, and ultimately I lost my job and my apartment because of them. I was no longer able to provide for myself and my children, my diabetes was out of control, and I didn’t know what to do. That is when I found Marguerite’s Place. All I knew was that I wanted a roof over our heads, and I really did not know or care what other kind of help would be available to us there. Now, I can see that it is really all the other things that came with our housing that have made such a difference for all of us. My first surprise was that the apartment was furnished with all the things we needed as well as 24/7 people on site to assist me with just about everything. My kids and I had our best Christmas ever and I’ve learned so much in the residential meetings that are about things like parenting, nutrition tips, financial management, and other important information. These are some of the experiences in this program that have made me feel acceptable and capable of achieving real life goals. Thanks to Marguerite’s Place I went to school and became a professional medical interpreter. Currently I am certified in Portuguese and soon I look forward to become certified in Spanish too.

I have been working part time while I’ve been going to school. Marguerite’s Place was such a blessing to me when my car broke down and I thought losing my transportation would mean losing my job. Instead, they helped me get my car fixed. I am hopeful for the future, and even my therapist has noticed how positive I have become over the months I’ve been living here. I still have problems and I know there are many obstacles for me to move ahead. But I am learning how to manage the obstacles of life. I know that this group believes in me and wishes me well, and that gives me such motivation. I feel like I can keep going and going. Another great thing about Marguerite’s Place is that they have shown me other resources in this community, places I can get specific help for certain things, and these other resources have helped me take many small steps forward.

My older son is so happy that we are here at Marguerite’s Place. He is proud of my accomplishments and he tells his teachers in school all the good things Marguerite’s Place has done for us. Here, we have never felt homeless; we just feel glad and happy to be here. This is not enough space in paper or words to say how blessed we feel.

Marguerite’s Place Inc never simply looked at me and told me to move my life forward. Instead, they tell me the same thing every day and it is this, “we are with you along the way wherever you are going” and this gives me such confidence and happiness. I thank Marguerite’s Place for all the opportunities and chances and for all the time they have invested in me. Your belief in me gives me the energy to continue making life changes that will benefit me and my family.

Yashira’s Story

I became pregnant at sixteen with my daughter, and was living with my mom. There were some problems and I went to live with my dad for a while, but was back with my mom before long. I was working in a store at the time, making five dollars an hour. I basically made about $200 a month and my mom expected me to provide for myself and my daughter, taking care of her diapers and food as well as my own. My sister and cousin were also living there, and getting into our stuff all of the time. My mom and I were constantly butting heads and there were just a lot of destructive situations.

I learned about Marguerite’s Place and was accepted into the program. My family gave me a really hard time. They didn’t think I could do it, paying my bills, and taking care of everything myself. We moved to Marguerite’s Place in February 2009 and didn’t have my family’s support at all. But the people at Marguerite’s Place supported me. The staff is wonderful and they know so many people. Whenever you feel like you’re stuck, they get you the names of who you need to see and tell you what you can do to change it.

After I came to Marguerite’s Place, I got my LNA license. I got my driver’s license and got a car from Good News Garage. I got a full-time job at The Courville of Nashua that provides us with benefits and offers me the opportunity to advance. All of this made me feel better about myself. I was a 19-year old single mom working full-time and taking care of myself and my daughter.

I have my own place now, and I’m maintaining my life with the help of the after-care program at Marguerite’s Place.

Dee’s Story

When I first contacted Marguerite’s Place, I was in serious need of help. I was a 22 year old single mother working and attending college without any help from the government and a very limited support system. I had recently left my daughters father due to his serious drug addiction in search for a safer, better life for myself and my beautiful 18 month old daughter. I moved in with my Mother who was diagnosed with emphysema and another terminal illness about six years prior. Months after moving in, my Mother passed away and I lost my best friend. I found her the morning it happened and fell into a deep depression. I was devastated and terrified. I was left to raise my child and support us without any help and didn’t have the slightest idea where to begin. or the confidence to even know that I could do it.

From the moment I entered Marguerite’s Place, I knew that I was not alone. Each person I met listened to me. They provided a secure, comfortable, nurturing daycare environment for my child while I was at work or school. My daughter felt loved and was treated like family. I was given weekly meetings with the daycare director to discuss my child’s specific needs and development. She gave me a number of different parenting resources and a chance to talk about any questions or concerns I had involving my child. I left those meetings feeling confident that I was giving my daughter everything she needed to be happy, healthy, and safe.

I was able to move into a beautiful two bedroom apartment furnished with everything I needed. The rent and daycare prices were beyond reasonable which allowed me to use the little income I had to pay bills and buy the things we needed to survive. Marguerite’s Place even helped me to start saving money each week for the future. They set me up with a financial counselor who helped me work on my credit and pay past due bills. Every holiday, my daughter and I receive gifts and food to help us celebrate. They helped me get a reliable car when mine was no longer functional. When I was stable enough, they gave me the opportunity to move into their next housing phase; a beautiful two bedroom condominium at MP Housing where we live to this day. We love our home! We have a quiet neighborhood with a pool, a park, and a backyard filled with trees and paths to walk when the weather is nice. I graduated my college program and have been a Registered Medical Assistant for six years. I’m now able to fully support myself and my daughter and am confident that no matter what life brings, we will always be OK. Marguerite’s Place is even helping me work toward my dream of becoming a Registered Nurse by referring me to an organization that helps me enroll in a Nursing Program. These are just a few examples of ways they have helped me and my daughter when we needed it the most.

Of all the things they have done for me, the most important is the way they have treated me as a person. There is an open door policy and there is nothing I’m unable to discuss with the staff. They have always encouraged me and made me feel like there’s nothing I can’t do. Marguerite’s Place doesn’t provide “hand outs.” They help women become stronger and independent. They become the family many of us don’t have and stand by us through thick and thin. I am truly blessed to have the kind, selfless, amazing people at Marguerite’s Place in my life. I can never express how grateful I am to each and everyone of them.