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Common Impact, Fidelity Investments partner with Marguerite’s Place

Updated: Dec 1, 2021


Common Impact, Fidelity Investments partner with Marguerite’s Place

Marguerite’s Place was recently chosen to partner with Common Impact and volunteers from Fidelity Investments® to upgrade and enhance their website with new features and a fresh new look.

Common Impact is a non-profit organization that channels the capabilities of corporate employees to nonprofits that require those skills to increase the impact and scale their services.

The primary goal of the project is to advance and increase the efficiency to the user of the Marguerite’s Place website. Director of Development, Christa Tsechrintzis looks forward to the upgrades and the new features and functions it brings. “Having a team of experts from Fidelity Investments working directly with us on such an important project is immensely valuable. The team has demonstrated so much knowledge and expertise, and we are so honored that they are choosing to spend their time on our project. The upgrades will help ensure that we are serving our community in the most effective and efficient way possible.”

Evan Grimes, Team Lead from Fidelity stated “My team and I truly enjoyed having the opportunity to do meaningful work for Marguerite’s Place. Being able to use our specialized skills as developers, designers and leaders to help out an organization doing incredible work was a privilege, and we hope the site we put together helps Marguerite’s Place continue their excellent mission and do good in their community.”

The team put in countless hours over a six-month time period designing the new site and implementing new features. While the new site is exciting, the connection made between the organization and the corporate team is a highlight of the project. Michelle Baffoni from Fidelity added “It was clear from our first meeting with Hannah and Christa that they are passionate about their roles at Marguerite’s Place. It’s not only a job; it’s a labor of love. Our team clicked with theirs immediately & we couldn’t wait to start working with them. Since they spend so much of their time helping others, we have been thrilled we could help them out. I am really glad that our paths crossed. This experience truly has been inspiring.”

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