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$2500 provides approximately two weeks of supportive services for one client. This looks different for every resident, but include anything ranging from resources, emotional support, referrals, coaching, stabilizing, resources for children, housing advocacy, court accompaniment and more! A personalized case management relationship is the bridge for our families, helping them transition from crisis to stability and eventually, self-sufficiency.

$2500 also funds our Parent Support Group for 6 months. Our Family Support group is a biweekly group for our resident and childcare families, where families share a meal together, and then while the children go have playtime with our childcare staff, our parents meet in a group setting with Dr. Ben Garber, a child psychologist, and participate in conversation around the growth and development of their children. While participants build parenting skills, they also are building community and a support network that transcends the meetings themselves.

$1,500 covers the cost of career and educational advancement. Sometimes this looks like a stipend to attend a job-training program that will provide a mother with a wage to afford a market-rate apartment. Other times, these costs include testing fees, uniforms, scrubs, textbooks, licensing fees, and trade necessities such as nursing supplies. These technical tools are crucial to achieving next step goals. 



$1,000 helps us to provide 24-hour security for residents. A safe environment is critical to many of our families who have fled abusive or unsafe circumstances. Marguerite’s Place is a safe haven for many, and that is ensured through our safety procedures.


$500 covers Fire Sprinkler Inspection and Maintenance for the year. Maintaining our buildings is a lot of work, but we take the safety of our residents very seriously!

$500 also covers 6 months of plastic gloves for our childcare program. Plastic gloves are used to change 100 diapers a day. That is 500 diapers a week... so as you can imagine, we go through a lot of plastic gloves!  


$250 will pay for one week of groceries for the childcare center. Every child enrolled in our childcare program receives an USDA approved breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. We are able to keep these costs low due to the amazing army of volunteers who help us to prepare our lunches every day of the week.

$250 helps us to pay for Staff Development training that is necessary to keep our licensing up to date, but also keeps us up to date in best practices. Like many of our adult residents, our children have also experienced trauma, and our teachers work hard to continue their education in trauma-informed care and Adverse Childhood Experiences to provide the best possible environment and programming for our kiddos.


$150 covers our costs to rekey locks for our apartments. For many of our families leaving unsafe situation, this is not only a necessary safeguard but an important part of peace of mind. 

$150 also helps us to defray the costs of water and electricity, helping keep our offices, childcare rooms, and our apartments upstairs warm throughout the cold New Hampshire winters.


$100 helps offset the costs of providing resources and classes to our resident families, such as parenting classes, financial literacy resources, mental health consultations, and self-care. These important skills will help our parents gain the confidence and tools they need to move forward on their journey to self-sufficiency.

$100 covers the cost of monthly pest control for our 10 apartment units on Palm Street, as well as our 10 condominium units for MP Housing.


$50 covers the cost for the milk that childcare uses in one week alone.

$50 helps us purchase the cleaning supplies we need to keep our spaces safe for our families.


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