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Following a Housing First approach, a family’s journey with Marguerite’s Place begins by moving into a private, fully-furnished apartment where parents and their children can begin to stabilize. After moving in, residents partner with a case manager who provides a continuum of services, including individualized support, career/financial coaching, and connection to vital community resources. Together, they set goals and create a plan to achieve self-sufficiency.

Transitional Housing

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MP Housing continues the mission for graduates of Marguerite’s Place transitional housing program by providing the affordable housing and supportive services needed to bridge the gap from transitional housing to long-term housing. We fulfill this mission by maintaining comfortable condominiums at affordable rents, with continued supportive programming for residents. While in MP Housing, families can continue to build up their income, finish their education, repair their credit, and contribute to their savings so that they can move on to their forever home – either market-rate rental or for many, homeownership!

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MP Housing

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