Since 1994, the organization has grown into a comprehensive and holistic transitional housing program that empowers homeless women with children by offering a combination of housing, onsite childcare, and support services which includes: intensive case management, transportation, education, and referrals.

The organization began as an outreach project of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and continues today as a private nonprofit governed by a lay board. Our founders, committed to serving the poor and needy, wanted to provide a comprehensive program for homeless women with children to move from situations of crisis and despair to lives of confidence and competence.  For these reasons, they established our ten residential housing units that are fully furnished, affordable, and covered by 24/7 security.

The need for affordable housing continues to grow in our communities. As long as there are job losses, domestic violence, abuse, drug addictions, and a lack of education, there will be homelessness.  Although we may not be able to eliminate these societal ills, our long-term goal is to provide the community with successful transitional housing graduates that are well prepared to be productive members of society. We are committed to meeting the unique needs of our clients and restoring their health and the well-being as well as transitioning them to permanent housing.  As they progress through our program, they gain self-esteem and develop social networks as well as employment; which will provide them with solid footing for their re-entry to housing.  Our Aftercare program provides them with additional support and the confidence they  need in maintaining a household independent of a transitional program.

Our short term goals are highly individualized and may focus on legal issues, mental health counseling, employment training, attaining a HiSET, financial and household education, parenting, networking, and peer mentoring.

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