Marguerites Place

Marguerite’s Place History

For over one hundred years, the Grey Nuns have ministered to the needs of the suffering and poor in the New England area. They have staffed schools, hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages and shelters for the homeless.

In December, 1990, the founder of the Grey Nuns, Marguerite d’Youville, was declared a saint and in celebration of this woman’s heroic life, the Grey Nuns established a Task Force to sponsor a common project for those in need. This Task Force was made up of representatives of the five congregations who had ministries in the New England area.

After intensive study as to the needs of the people in the New England area, it was decided the ministry to be undertaken would be for women and children at risk. Two years were spent investigating services and gaps in those services, the availability of buildings and needs in Lowell, Massachusetts, Nashua and Manchester, New Hampshire. The decision was made to establish Marguerite’s Place, Inc. in Nashua, NH, because at the time there were no long term housing with services with on-site child care for this population in the entire State of New Hampshire. This has proven to be an important decision as the number of women and children at risk continues to rise each year.

From 1994 until returning to their religious community in 2007, our founders, Sister Sharon Walsh and Sister Elaine Fahey, worked tirelessly to provide a holistic set of resources for homeless women with children. Today, we continue to serve the homeless population through our housing, child care, and supportive services. The need for Marguerite’s Place, Inc. has been validated by letters received from the State, Social Service Agencies, United Way and other foundations and agencies that provide support to women and children. Marguerite’s Place, Inc. is a safe, decent and affordable place for women and children to live, have affordable child care and move on with their lives.

Marguerite’s Place, Inc. is a non-profit organization.  Our mission is to provide women with children, who are striving to achieve and sustain self-sufficiency, with transitional housing as well as emotional, educational and social support services.

Our Philosophy

The care of the women and their children who live at Marguerite’s Place, Inc. is the primary responsibility of all those involved with Marguerite’s Place, Inc. Accordingly, Marguerite’s Place, Inc. fosters respect for each participant as an individual. Each person maintains her dignity and human rights regardless of their state in life, religious affiliation, sexual preference, color, national origin, economic status, ancestry or personal customs. Referral agencies have been advised to refer participants to Marguerite’s Place, Inc. according to the admission guidelines and laws governing discrimination.

We have always believed that true charity does not consist in doing for others but in helping others do for themselves. Marguerite’s Place, Inc. staff stand firm in believing that if people are motivated and given the opportunity to acquire skills of daily living in a safe, secure environment, they will be able to work miracles in their lives. This experience will facilitate improved living for all. Those benefiting will be the families, city, state and our nation.

In the spirit of St. Marguerite d’Youville, a spirit of love and compassion, Marguerite’s Place, Inc. seeks to uphold the value and sacredness of human life by providing personalized care and compassion to those who search for meaning in their suffering, pain and struggle to better themselves.