Marguerites Place

A Final Act of Service

It’s a bittersweet moment at Marguerite’s Place, Inc. as the Nashua Exchange Club presents their final donation of $15,000 to the children of Marguerite’s Place, Inc.’s Preschool class. Back row from left to right:  Bob Lavoie, Exchangite and Volunteer, Barbara A. Alves, Exchangite and CEO/President of Marguerite’s Place, Inc., Richard Guidoboni, Exchangite and Director of Marguerite’s Place, Inc. and Phil Bouchard, Exchangite and Board Chairman of Marguerite’s Place, Inc.

It was a historic day in 2017 when The Nashua Exchange Club performed its final act of service with a donation of $15,000 to Marguerite’s Place, Inc.  The Club closed however, it’s many members are still active in community service.

“This is a bittersweet moment for me,” explained Barbara A. Alves, CEO and President of Marguerite’s Place, Inc. “I have belonged to the Nashua Exchange Club for six years and am very proud of what our club has accomplished over the years. We were a small group that shared a commitment to improving the lives of others in our community. This relatively small club has supported Marguerite’s Place, Inc. since it was founded by Sisters Sharon Walsh and Elaine Fahey in 1994,” said Alves.

Over the years, the Nashua Club donated $100,000 to the homeless families served by Marguerite’s Place, Inc. “Our commitment to Marguerite’s Place, Inc. was easy.  We witnessed first-hand the positive impact their services have on families and the community.  As a Strengthening Families childcare center, Marguerite’s Place, Inc. is committed to the prevention of child abuse as is The National Exchange Club and our local club,” said Philippe Bouchard, Exchangite and newly appointed Board Chairman of Marguerite’s Place, Inc.

“It was a natural collaboration because our missions align,” added Bouchard.

Bob Lavoie, is also an Exchangite and he plays an active role in volunteering at Marguerite’s Place, Inc. as the organization’s grocery shopper. His commitment has earned the organization over $15,000 in awards from the New England Patriot’s Foundation and Safeco Insurance Company.  “I do it for the kids,” is Bob’s modest mantra.

“Improving the lives of those in our local community is something that we are all very proud of,” added Rich Guidoboni of the Nashua Exchange Club and Marguerite’s Place Inc.’s Board of Directors. “We were a small, hard working group that enjoyed each other so running our famous Ski Swaps was easy,” concluded Guidoboni.

“I am so grateful and proud of what we did accomplish as a club and as the CEO of Marguerite’s Place, we will use these funds to continue to improve the lives of homeless women and children in the greater Nashua community,” said Alves.